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FAQ - Frequentely asked questions

Basic Installation

You must install The Grey Wolves Expansion (GWX) over a CLEAN, UNMODIFIED installation of Silent Hunter III patched to Version 1.4b since the installer will only install GWX into your Silent Hunter III installation folder. The following instructions may apply to you depending on how you have modified Silent Hunter III:

  • 1. REMOVE any installed SH3 Commander files (if you use SH3 Commander) by pressing the "Rollback SH3" button from within SH3 Commander;
  • 2. You can use JSGME to activate other modifications after you install GWX, but not GWX itself;
  • 3. GWX is a full/general release that completely supersedes all previous versions of “The Grey Wolves” and GWX.
    • a. Uninstall Silent Hunter III via the MS-Windows “Add/Remove programs” feature
    • b. Open Windows Explorer and:
      • i. *delete* the folder from where Silent Hunter III was just removed
      • ii. *delete* the “\My Documents\SH3” folder. GWX V2.0 is incompatible with non-GWX save games and is likely incompatible with games saved under previous GWX versions.
    • c. Reinstall Silent Hunter III;
    • d. Install patch V1.4b if your version of Silent Hunter III was an earlier version, ensuring the patch version corresponds to your source media: Download, DVD, EMEA, or US);
    • e. Visit the GWX homepage (http://gwx.mysite.orange.co.uk) and download all the primary files listed there. Send them all onto your desktop or onto a folder of your own choosing, but please ensure they are all loaded INTO THE SAME FOLDER;
    • f. Run GWX.exe and follow the installation prompts.

Installation of GWX on Windows VISTA

Perform the following steps if you are installing GWX in a Windows Vista® environment, assuming you have already executed Steps 1 and 2 in the Basic Installation procedure:
  • 1. Unistall Silent Hunter III
  • 2. Delete the residual Silent Hunter III installation folder and all contents
  • 3. Delete (or at least rename) your “MyDocuments\SH3” save game folder
  • 4. Delete the “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\SilentHunterIII” folder and all its contents, if it exists.
  • 5. Reinstall Silent Hunter III. The GWX Team recommends you install it outside of the “\Program Files” folder
  • 6. Right-click the 1.4b patch “.exe” file and select “Run as administrator”
  • 7. Install the patch
  • 8. Verify you installed the patch correctly by running the game.
  • 9. If the game fails to run, download and install the StarForce Vista update from the StarForce developers’ site: http://www.star-force.com/support/sfdrvup.zip.
  • 10. You can now run optional tools like SH3 Commander, JSGME, SH3Gen, etc. provided you run them as an “Administrator” after you have installed them.

The GWX team recommends reading up on the Microsoft Vista “User Account Control” and “File Virtualization” features for greater familiarity with Windows Vista system security issues that may affect Silent Hunter III.

Players using SH3 Commander

If you are using SH3 Commander, you will need a specific set of config files to make the program compatible with GWX 2.0.

These config files are available from the GWX Downloads Section and need to be placed into SH3 Commanders cfg folder.

Example: C:/Program Files/SH3Commander/cfg

Please copy & paste the files in the download to this folder, overwriting the files already there.

Use of the MD5 Mate

MD5 mate allows you to check the integrity of the GWX installation files. Please visit http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products.html to obtain the latest copy of the program. When you download the GWX installation files, you will be given the MD5 Hash codes for each part. These are listed below:
  • GWX2.EXE - D1FF0D6BFD651E869E323D393B1D5B1E
  • GWX2-1.BIN - 7B14767E3FD8DD9866D902D6CB4B69FE
  • GWX2-2.BIN - 2718CAD3259B5A43DF03AA88DEAB402B
  • GWX2-3.BIN - AB9AF05BD89263A018F383EDA589DE90
  • GWX2-4.BIN - 0FFDB16F197E159E61651DB5D805529A
  • GWX2-5.BIN - 753D95679C46DF2C54AF7E93B0CCB6EB
  • GWX2-6.BIN - AB5D09575688802B08156CE1C24C6C88
  • GWX2-7.BIN - 5BF3E05A81D0E4E09F331090FD3C4C7B
These codes need to be copied/placed into the MD5 Mate interface window and the corresponding GWX installation file selected in the file browser, then click COMPARE. Please see the example picture below: